“When I first met Dr. Hager, I was in a stressful job and was physically run down with a compromised immune system and a diagnosis of leukopenia. What I recognized from the start was that Dr. Hager worked with her patients in a partnership-like mode. She recommended appropriate tests in order to find out specifically where the trouble might lie and networked with and recommended other health professionals to assist me in my quest to achieve good health. I trust my health care issues to Dr. Hager and will continue to do so, and highly recommend her to others.”

Marilyn D.

“Dr. Hager addresses health issues in a supportive caring way. She is associated with a network of professional, knowledgeable  and thorough individuals in all health care fields. Through her guidance and recommendations a path was found to a healthier lifestyle for me. I recommend her highly and feel Anacortes is fortunate in having her here.”

Francis F.

“My husband suffers from a progressive neurological disease. Dr. Hager was referred to us by a Seattle practitioner to administer IV therapy. She recommended a “Myers Cocktail” (a combination of B vitamins and minerals). As a 24/7 care giver, my health was suffering from the stress and exhaustion as well. When I saw how much this was benefiting my husband, I decided it was my turn. I can not believe how much better I am feeling since starting this regimen myself. We are continuing these IVs on a regular basis because of how much better we both feel. Thank you, Dr. Hager.”

Bob & Judy H.