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Environmental Medicine

One of the primary focuses of Naturopathic Medicine is tolle causam – find the cause of illness and disease. With increasing frequency chronic illnesses are being recognized as having profound relationships to environmental toxins. Extensive research shows that is is not a question of if we are carrying a burden of toxins, but rather how much and to what extent they affect our health.

  • Immunological toxicity may be a factor in the development of asthma, allergies, skin disorders, chronic infections and cancer.
  • Neurological toxicity affects cognition, mood, and overall mental functioning.
  • Endocrine toxicity affects reproduction, menstruation, libido, metabolic rate, stress intolerance, glucose regulation and more.

We now have accurate ways of measuring many common toxins using body fluids such as urine. The good news is that we also have an increasing number of ways to detoxify and remove the majority of these toxins and allow the body to return to good health. An important part of the treatment of environmental illness is being educated to recognize and eliminate as many exposures as possible. This includes personal care products, dietary choices, household cleaning products, pesticides, paint and other toxic substances.

You will find several good websites that I recommend in the Resources section of this website.