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To My Amazing Patients and Friends:

You have shown great courage and stamina during these difficult times. It is my hope and prayer that you and your families are well and healthfully coping with the events of these extraordinary times. I am here to support and assist you. We have had great success in Washington State in controlling the COVID outbreak and I am grateful to all of you who have made this happen.

With great sadness I closed my beautiful practice on May first. It was clear to me that seeing patients in person would be difficult for some time and that maintaining the overhead impossible. I don’t have a number, but health care has lost many physicians and support staff. My hope is that the health care crisis will result in needed reforms in access and cost.


Working from home I can and have been doing:

  • Telephone consultations
  • Updating testing, essential for thyroid, Biodentical Hormones, all prescription medications, GI testing and more
  • Low cost pre-paid blood testing
  • Renewing prescriptions
  • Online dispensary for supplements
  • Referrals for care, specialists
  • Referral to practitioners who are returning to work


Will resume when conditions improve and I can assure safety for everyone. A new location will be announced at that time as well as updated information about thermography.


  • See you in person at this time
  • Accept new patients


I am initiating a new online dispensary. You can go to and register yourself. Wellevate is the online dispensary for my distributor and will allow you to access the supplements I feel are high quality and have been recommended for you by me. In addition you can access their entire inventory for other health care products you may need.

Why order from Wellevate?

I have given my clients and friends discounted pricing of 15%, free shipping on orders over $49.00 and a secure and simplified ordering system.

Morgaine Hager, CCT, RDH, ND